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Dr. Stevens is widely known for providing thorough medical testing and care to adult patients.
She also offers a variety of services related to weight management, nutrition, and life counseling.


What patients are saying about Dr. Laura Bea Stevens, M.D.

“We love her. Her knowledge is boundless. As an old school/country doctor she’ll spend her time listening, organizing and determining priorities.”


Dr. Stevens has saved my life twice. Dr. Stevens doesn’t force “her way” onto her patients. She explains all the options, so her patients can make knowledgeable decisions about their care. She has strong diagnosis skills and has built a network of highly competent colleagues so as patients we can receive the best treatment and coordinated care. She care about her patients personally and sincerely. As a career RN and her patient since the 1980s, I can tell you this is a rare quality.

Dorothy Jacobs

Dr Stevens has been my physician for many years. She is caring, smart,thorough and an exceptional doctor. Unlike others, she looks at and is interested in the whole patient. One of the reasons she is such a good diagnostician is because she really knows her patients and what is going on in their lives. Dr Stevens and her staff are very accommodating and flexible as well. I highly and unequivocally recommend Dr Stevens.

Deborah Nelson Chang


Dr. Stevens has been my Doctor and friend for the past 32 years. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but also caring and compassionate. She tends not just to the physical, but also the spirit. I was unable to see Dr. Steven’s for awhile due to a change in insurance coverage. I suffered because of her lack of care. Fortunately, I am back with Dr. Stevens and she is helping me regain my health. She goes above and beyond – for which I am very thankful. I highly recommend Dr Stevens that you would definitely give the best top care.

C Bercier

I have been a patient of Dr. Stevens for 24 years. Two years ago I moved to Lake County, 166 miles away, but I will not compromise my health care with any other physician and still continue to see Dr. Stevens as my primary care provider. Over the years Dr. Stevens has taken the time to get to know me; what I do, my passions, and my challenges. Because of her intimate knowledge of me as an entire person, not just my ailments, she has been able to tailor her recommendations and care to match with my lifestyle. Her caring, compassion and attentive attitude are why I keep coming back and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the best care possible.

J Kane

I have know Dr. Laura Bea Stevens for over 30 years. Beginning as a Doctor, then as a friend. I highly recommend her as a good doctor for anyone who needs a strong advocate through the medical system

Susan S.

I have been Dr. Stevens’ patient for over 20 years.

There is no other doctor I’ve ever met who has such amazing bedside manner, is knowledgeable in all areas and just an amazing human being on top of being a highly qualified and experienced professional.
Dr. Stevens has very personal approach to each patient. She has remembered details about my health, that I, myself, have forgotten over the years and put those together to connect the dots and make diagnosis on a spot, when even specialists were puzzled.

I reach out to her many times and always have personal response, friendly staff, she many times picked up the phone personally and made necessary appointments for me with specialists on a moments’ notice. She has diagnosed a very rare disease in a close family member, that has been missed before and literally saved his life.

I highly recommend Dr. Stevens to all my friends.

Svetlana Kipnis


This Doctor has the combination of modern day medical science and knowledge combined with an old school country Doctors demeanor. She could tell you most of my extensive medical history without opening a file, but would double check anyway just to ensure accuracy. She Cares more than any Doctor I have ever seen. I have at times in the past, due to insurance restrictions, had periods where I had to use a large HMO and saw many Doctors.. All good I’m sure, but you just can’t compare this personal touch and quality care.. You won’t be rushed in and out. She will spend the time it takes with you to get to the bottom of the problem and ensure that you are referred to the very best physicians in the area that you are having problems and typically gets you in with them in very short order.. It’s difficult seeing anyone actually post something negative about her here, though in fact it seems it’s the insurance company they’re complaining about..

She will go to war with the powers that be for her patients health and well being Please don’t base any opinions about this Doctor on the behavior of today’s insurance company procedures that I’m sure are frustrating to most of us when we have to deal with them. She recently got “in network” for my insurance provider in order to make life easier for many of her patients. I would see her regardless.. I don’t think Doctors can get much better than this.

Dave Connor


I treasure Dr. Stevens! She has taken such wonderful care of me and helped me through some very difficult times, both physically and emotionally. She listens, I mean really listens, always cares, and has the most amazing insights that have helped me heal. I think she is the perfect family doctor; at least she has been a rock for me.

Nanette M. Sisk

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Stevens for almost 15 years, my first visit being in 2001 as I recall.  During this time I’ve found Dr. Stevens to be a caring, thoughtful physician, who is capable and thorough in her practice.   Dr. Stevens has a strong/impressive network of specialists whom she relies upon for input as they evaluate symptoms and treatment options.  I never feel under-served as a result. She is a great physician who could double as your close relative as she is very personable and informative. This is meant as perhaps the greatest compliment a doctor can receive in this day of impersonal healthcare.

James Haddad